Apple V Android

I get a lot of questions surrounding Apple and Android which is better which phone I should get and why.

My mother even asks me “Apple or Android?”

Truth of the matter is that is depends what you are doing with it and what you expect to get from it. I am a web developer so I expect to receive emails from websites and servers. I expect to have an SSH app that is free and I can use.

So aside from work what do you do? If you are just using your phone to keep in touch with kids or mom or dad then Apple will probably work for you. It’s simple, easy to get around on.

Con’s to Apple Devices:

1. Proprietary Technology, i.e you cannot use another phone charger for it in my family we are all android so any charger for an android will work. Your charger has to be for Apple and will only work with Apple.

2. Limited App Store, what I mean by this is you have limited apps Apple only allows whoever is in their club of app devs to push apps. So if you are not giving them 100$ just for the opportunity to do it you are required to have a mac, their software (another 50-100$.)

However mine is an Android,  the Samsung Galaxy Express (Cheap buy at Walmart) because my other phone had broke, while the user interface on it is good and easy to get around on there are some con’s to the Android.

I have found batteries don’t last very long. (after a year you need a new one.) This is the same with an Iphone though, I had the 4S for a while and after about a year the battery started to die on me.

Even Android has some limits but the cost of developing apps is zero so I can develop an app and it costs nothing to put it on my phone.

All devices have a life span, a laptops is about 3-4 years with proper care and assuming you take it to a computer repair shop to have it tuned.

I like Android because if you have a Google Account you can hook up to it and it remembers your passwords in Google Chrome and bookmarks travel with you.  Apple it’s hard to do a lot with because of the limitations.

I’d say it depends what your after, if you use your phone to check Facebook, email and just surfing? Apple is your best bet.

If your using your phone to contribute to the internet world, programming apps and you use it daily for your job and need a wide variety of apps. I’d pick Android.

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