Buying a new Computer?

Did you go to Walmart and look at all those really cool laptops but thought  “I have no idea what I need.” Don’t worry you are not alone. I know at least five people who asked me “What laptop do I buy?”

Well here is the question you have to answer:

What do you do?

Pretty simple right? I will tell you my answer, I’m a full LAMP Stack Developer, I design websites often locally, I manage sites in the cloud and I run a computer repair business.

I need a computer that will accomplish that.

Now you are asking “How did he find the right one?”

Well I have over 15 years of IT and expert level computer knowledge so aside form that I just knew which one, it’s often for people without my level of experience researching and reviews.

I know it can be overwhelming. If you are not a Full LAMP Stack web developer. You are most likely just writing articles for Medium, checking Facebook,  emails. just the daily user. If that is that is what you do.

I’d pick the Chromebook, easy user interface, it lasts a long time. (Lifespan of at least five years.)  Five years being you update and are nice to it,  not dropping it on the ground or anything.

If your a Full LAMP stack developer.  depending if you do a lot locally. I run a webserver locally so I need a lot of storage for WP installs and all that. I am getting by with 500 internal storage, one terabyte external and I store some stuff in Google Drive.

If you do local stuff, I am using the Dell Inspiron 15, pending your price range this was in the $300 range.

It really all depends what you do and what you need it to do. If you a developer I’d look for something like the Dell Inspiron 15. If you are just emailing and Facebooking, I’d look for something like a Chromebook.

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