How to restore your Apple Device

Do you have an Iphone, Ipod that is really slow and needs to be just reset to out of the box condition?

First let me explain the difference between two key words. Update and Restore are two entirely different things.

Update:  updating simply installs the software that controls iPod and does not affect the songs and files stored on  disk.

Restore:  Restoring erases the  disk and restores  its original factory condition.

WARNING: Because this procedure erases all data on your device it’s important to back up your data.

Step 1: Make sure you have an active internet connection and have the cable that came with your Apple Device.

Step 2: Open Itunes, connect your Apple device with the cable that came with it.

Step 3: Wait a few moments until ITunes recognizes your device. Your device will appear in the Source panel of ITunes. Select your device.  It will come up with information about your device.

Step 4: Click Restore. Please note Mac users will be asked for administrator password.

Step 5: A progress bar will appear on computer screen indicating that stage one of the restore process has begun. When the stage is complete, ITunes will show 1-2 messages with Instructions, specific to your model:

Disconnect iPod and connect it to iPod Power Adapter (typically applies to older iPod models).

Leave iPod connected to computer to complete restore (typically applies newer iPod models).

Step 6: During stage two of the restore process, your device will display an apple logo with a progress bar. It’s critical  that your device remains connected during this stage.

Please note it may be hard to see because the brightness on the device may be turned off.

Step 7: After stage two of the restore process is complete, the iTunes Setup Assistant window will appear. It will ask you to name your iPod and choose your
syncing preferences, as it did when you connected your iPod for the first time. You may have to re-authorize it as well.

Congratulations, You have restored your Apple Device. If you encounter an error during these steps, Please feel free to comment and we will walk you through it.

Buying a new Computer?

Did you go to Walmart and look at all those really cool laptops but thought  “I have no idea what I need.” Don’t worry you are not alone. I know at least five people who asked me “What laptop do I buy?”

Well here is the question you have to answer:

What do you do?

Pretty simple right? I will tell you my answer, I’m a full LAMP Stack Developer, I design websites often locally, I manage sites in the cloud and I run a computer repair business.

I need a computer that will accomplish that.

Now you are asking “How did he find the right one?”

Well I have over 15 years of IT and expert level computer knowledge so aside form that I just knew which one, it’s often for people without my level of experience researching and reviews.

I know it can be overwhelming. If you are not a Full LAMP Stack web developer. You are most likely just writing articles for Medium, checking Facebook,  emails. just the daily user. If that is that is what you do.

I’d pick the Chromebook, easy user interface, it lasts a long time. (Lifespan of at least five years.)  Five years being you update and are nice to it,  not dropping it on the ground or anything.

If your a Full LAMP stack developer.  depending if you do a lot locally. I run a webserver locally so I need a lot of storage for WP installs and all that. I am getting by with 500 internal storage, one terabyte external and I store some stuff in Google Drive.

If you do local stuff, I am using the Dell Inspiron 15, pending your price range this was in the $300 range.

It really all depends what you do and what you need it to do. If you a developer I’d look for something like the Dell Inspiron 15. If you are just emailing and Facebooking, I’d look for something like a Chromebook.

Apple V Android

I get a lot of questions surrounding Apple and Android which is better which phone I should get and why.

My mother even asks me “Apple or Android?”

Truth of the matter is that is depends what you are doing with it and what you expect to get from it. I am a web developer so I expect to receive emails from websites and servers. I expect to have an SSH app that is free and I can use.

So aside from work what do you do? If you are just using your phone to keep in touch with kids or mom or dad then Apple will probably work for you. It’s simple, easy to get around on.

Con’s to Apple Devices:

1. Proprietary Technology, i.e you cannot use another phone charger for it in my family we are all android so any charger for an android will work. Your charger has to be for Apple and will only work with Apple.

2. Limited App Store, what I mean by this is you have limited apps Apple only allows whoever is in their club of app devs to push apps. So if you are not giving them 100$ just for the opportunity to do it you are required to have a mac, their software (another 50-100$.)

However mine is an Android,  the Samsung Galaxy Express (Cheap buy at Walmart) because my other phone had broke, while the user interface on it is good and easy to get around on there are some con’s to the Android.

I have found batteries don’t last very long. (after a year you need a new one.) This is the same with an Iphone though, I had the 4S for a while and after about a year the battery started to die on me.

Even Android has some limits but the cost of developing apps is zero so I can develop an app and it costs nothing to put it on my phone.

All devices have a life span, a laptops is about 3-4 years with proper care and assuming you take it to a computer repair shop to have it tuned.

I like Android because if you have a Google Account you can hook up to it and it remembers your passwords in Google Chrome and bookmarks travel with you.  Apple it’s hard to do a lot with because of the limitations.

I’d say it depends what your after, if you use your phone to check Facebook, email and just surfing? Apple is your best bet.

If your using your phone to contribute to the internet world, programming apps and you use it daily for your job and need a wide variety of apps. I’d pick Android.